We take the pleasure in introducing ourselves, NPRT Co., Ltd. (North Pacific Refrigeration Technology), who has technical capability for refrigeration plant engineering/installation, refrigeration equipments manufacturing and technical service jobs for marine and shore fishery.

We are based in Busan, Korea with manufacturing factory and engineering staffs as head office and factory, and also have subsidiary company in Dalian, China with service technicians and workshop.

So far we have build many upgrading freezer and process chilling refrigeration plant for large fishing trawlers, factory ships and shore fish products factory in Korea, China and Russia through our own engineering, production, field erection and final commissioning on site in compliance with customer requirements.

We can supply most well known and reliable refrigeration compressors and other equipments from abroad together with our own products such as shell and tube heat exchangers, chillers, pressure vessels, piping preassembly with insulation and etc. for total solution of refrigeration project completion on customer place. 

If any enquiries for refrigeration plant new installation, upgrading, modernization and better efficiency, we would like to welcome you to contact us anytime.

In 2017 NPRT Co., Ltd been split to 2 lorecompanies, NPRT Engineering Co.,Ltd and NPRT Precision Co.,Ltd